Curriculum vitae – Danny Saerens

Professional experiences

2018 – Actual

Ondernemer in filosofie
Broaden Your Worldview
Key projects: Alsan (wholesale), Amab (social economy), Waerbeke (socio-cultural)

2004 – 2018

Board director, Strategist, Entrepreneur
Retail Solutions (CEO)
Key projects: KBC (retail), PPG Sigma Coatings (retail), Horta garden & pet (retail), Diamond Spring Company (manufacturer), Electro Service (retail and wholesale), Gabor Shoes (retail), Sleepy (retail), Tende (retail), Lagrange (wholesale), Clips (retail), UDC (corporate fashion), Plato Poland, Vignobles C. Braun (vineyard), Brico (retail), Bertrand Braneyre (vineyard), Atelier Monnier USA (retail), Alsan (wholesale), AB Safety (wholesale), Samurai@work (safety), …

1994 – 2003

Retail Director
Kaufhof / Inno, Brico Europe, Brico Belgium, E5 Mode, Socks & Slips

1984 – 1994

HR Manager & HR Director
Wang International, Telindus, Makro, Côte d’Or

Chartered Director


12/2019 – actual

Waerbeke vzw (Social-Cultural)
Member General Assembly

06/2018 – actual

Amab vzw (Social economy)
Honorary chairman

09/2013 – actual

Alsan nv (Bathing cooking & energy, wholesale)
Strategic facilitator Board of Directors


05/2015 – 06/2018

Amab vzw (Social economy)
President Board of Directors

07/2013 – 03/2018

Rota Retail cvba, Sleepy (Retail)
Board member, Shareholder

06/2008 – 04/2017

Generali Belgium nv (Insurance, retail)
Board member and President Risk & Control Committee

02/2010 – 06/2016

Vandeputte Safety International nv (Safety products and services, wholesale)
Board member

05/2009 – 04/2015

Amab Asse vzw (Social economy)
President General Assembly

03/2007 – 04/2014

Immass bvba (Retail real estate)
Board member, Shareholder

03/2005 – 01/2014

Horta ATD nv (Garden & Pet Centers, retail)
President Board of Directors

05/2011 – 02/2013

Planet Eco nv (Energy technologies, installation and retail)
Advisor to the Board

12/1999 – 12/2012

Onze Lieve Vrouw Ziekenhuis Aalst vzw (Hospital)
Board member and President Audit Committee

08/2006 – 06/2012

La Grange nv (Electro, wholesale)
Member Advisory Board

03/2004 – 12/2010

UDC nv (Corporate fashion, manufacturer)
Member Advisory board

05/1995 – 05/2009

Beschuttende Werkplaats Asse vzw (Social economy)
Board member, President Board of Directors 2001- 2009

05/2000 – 02/2005

Clips nv (Office supplies, retail)
Member advisory board



Zomerschool Filosofie (KU Leuven)


Comparative Philosophy (SCFA, Antwerp)


Non-violent communication (Walk your talk)


Bio-energy meditation (Bali)


The nature of awareness (E. Present)


Certificate Board Director Guberna (Guberna)


Board Effectiveness (Guberna)


Director Effectiveness (Guberna)


Retail Management seminar Metro Group (Düsseldorf)


Retail Management (Douglas Tigert / Larry Ring; Babson College)


Financial and economical management  (V.E.V., Antwerp)


“Licence en sciences du travail” (U.C.L., Louvain-La-Neuve / certificate)


Graduate “Personnel management / social worker” (H.I.M.C.W, Brussels)